Soccer drills: Are they really improving your game?

How can you improve your soccer skills? You must practice a variety soccer drills and work hard.

How do you choose which exercises to focus on? Many coaches struggle with this as their players seem to have forgotten things they had previously managed.

This is often due to a lack of understanding by both coaches and players about what soccer drills are and how they work. Although the terms may seem similar, they are not the same. The drill you are currently working on might be too complicated to have an effect on subcomponent skills.

It is helpful to classify the various aspects of soccer training into a training structure.

A Wide Categorization of Soccer Skills

The art of playing soccer can be summarized as follows:

Technical skills include passing, dribbling and shooting.
Exercises for speed, endurance and injury spbo macauslot prevention are all part of physical conditioning
Soccer vision training is about understanding the game and “developing an eye for it”.

The first aspect should be the primary focus, especially in youth soccer. This foundational aspect of soccer coaching is represented as a pyramid in the world-famous Coerver coaching system.

They start at the bottom of the pyramid and include:

Ball mastery
Receiving and Passing
One-on-one moves
Group attack

This is a great way to practice skills individually and then gradually involve more players. This makes for an excellent infographic as it clearly shows how important ball control skills are to everything. It is also a natural way of simultaneously working on the third and second aspects of soccer playing.

A soccer training system can be broken down into smaller components.

Literally, Everything Is A Separate Skill

You can learn many skills by taking just one part of the Coerver coaching ladder, such as passing.

For young players still learning how to use the pitch, the instructions “Tom, pass the ball over to Ian” are not very helpful or inspiring.

Is it possible to simply pass the ground using the inside of your feet? You might make a slightly lobbed pass across pitch. From the flank, a cross into the box?

Every type of pass requires that you approach the ball in a specific way and strike it with precision. A proper lesson will help any soccer player learn to pass the ball in a more efficient manner than just being taught.

Even the simplest pass with the inner foot can be simplified by learning how to place your supporting leg and which part of your foot touches the ball. Then, you can follow through with your kick leg.

For experienced players, this may seem ridiculously simple. For beginners, it can be difficult (sometimes even for adults). It is not obvious. It is not obvious to many new players.

Here’s the best part: Even very advanced players can enjoy aspects of the game that aren’t at the beginner’s level. It could be headers for one player, while another may shoot with their weaker leg.

What’s the Point?

You can also break down any other aspect of soccer training into smaller pieces in the same way. Your soccer training program could be broken down into the following: injury prevention, coordination speed and power, nutrition and well-being, and soccer specific training.

My experience shows that thinking about soccer drills and training in this manner isn’t just academic.

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